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New Brand Website with SEO Marketing


A fast-growing specialist Lae Firm in need of a marketing team

McGrade & Co.'s' rapid growth specialists in Employment Law meant that they found themselves quickly moving from needing a new website, to needing a full marketing team behind them.

When firms grow rapidly their digital needs can change overnight. Their known and trusted sources can no longer satisfy their needs and it can be a time of real instability.

When McGrade & Co. found themselves in need of a full marketing function, they had the choice of developing an (often expensive and cumbersome) in-house facility or outsourcing. While outsourcing is usually the most cost effective and most efficient option, finding a team that can turn on the marketing tap when you need it and provide all the skills you require is a tough call.

That’s why McGrade & Co. came to Domain Design Agency.

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Their own marketing team; on call, when they need it

Domain Design Agency has been looking after McGrade & Co’s marketing requirements for many years now. Our in-house team of experts means that when McGrade & Co has a marketing requirement, we have someone in house who can take care of it. The trust that has built up between McGrade & Co and DDA means that we have a proactive and highly efficient relationship.

By choosing DDA as their outsourced marketing solution, McGrade & Co no longer has to fund holiday pay, sick pay or train their staff on ever-changing subjects like SEO or graphic and web skills. They can leave all that to us.

Starting with structure, we made the new website fit around the client process that would convert their new audience. We also produced coporate videos that tell their story, which really brings their service to life.

When it comes to SEO, we updated all the on-page data from their existing website and put in place a strategy that would gain them more leads from there legal niche they wanted to attract to their services.

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The team at McGrade & Co feel like they have their own marketing team but without the overhead. They enjoy speed of service from people who know their business inside out. And they get all of this at a fixed cost, so there are no nasty surprises.

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Fast results

Since the SEO plan kicked in, the team at McGrade has enjoyed growth from their website rank. And the best news is that these results were seen very quickly. In the initial months the client was delighted to tell us all not only about all the new leads coming in BUT with the amount of these that turned into new clients.

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These results helped gain McGrade & Co more clients, which came from the targetted approach for who they wanted to work with for their employment law legal services.

The website including the videos now works much better as a business tool for bringing more leads to the table.

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We are happy to report also that the new website has seen much more response from users of all different kinds of devices to view the website. The website being fully responsive means it reaches viewers on a level the old website didn't touch.. As the SEO plan contunies to grow and bed in, it will adapted to suit the changes and needs required by the client, and the results will keep getting better and better over time.

Client Review

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“I was keen to make our new website more attractive to both employers and employees, so once we went through a few rounds of changes the new corporate look we wanted was achieved. DDA were always a pleasure to work with, being professional and flexible to our needs. They worked on our website videos, various shots were taken with different staff and their input was always constructive, and make sense to improving the production of the videos. I would not hesitate in recommending the team at DDA.”

Giles Woolfson McGrade & Co.


Find out how McGrade & Co. reached out to a whole new audience online.