Why Having The Right Brand Image Is So Important For Your Law Firm -

Why Having The Right Brand Image Is So Important For Your Law Firm

5 Mar 2020

A company’s brand image or identity can play a significant role in its overall success.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that only fashion retailers and image-centric businesses need to think carefully about marketing their brand via sleek logos and compelling website design. In today’s digital landscape, law firms must also nurture a brand image that convinces clients of their professionalism and reliability.

Still unconvinced? Here are just a few of the reasons you should be spending some time and money on your law firm’s brand identity:


1. Strong brand identity can boost clients’ trust in a company

Professional-looking branding can significantly improve trust in your law firm. If your website looks shoddy, with clashing colour schemes, an outdated logo and poor graphic design, you are not doing yourself any favours – many people will simply look elsewhere rather than take a risk with your firm. By pouring some of your resources into cultivating an eye-catching logo, a user-friendly website and engaging web copy, however, you will prove to new and existing clients that you can be relied upon to represent them.


2. Sleek branding will ensure that prospective clients remember your firm

According to recent statistics, factors as seemingly trivial as the colour of your branding can improve recognition of your business by up to 80%. By using a consistent and striking colour palette for your digital content, logo and promotional materials, you can make sure that your firm is the first that comes to mind when people need a lawyer to represent them.


3. You are more likely to attract top talent if your brand image is memorable

Cultivating a first-class brand identity is about much more than improving the graphic design of your website and marketing materials. It is also about demonstrating the professional and ethical credentials of your firm by regularly reminding people about your key principles and commitment to helping clients. As well as attracting new prospects, this will encourage highly talented people to come and work for you.

To advertise your principles as a law firm, you may wish to come up with a motto or tagline, put out engaging content about key commitments, or put out thought-provoking posts on social media. Just remember to keep your tone consistent.


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