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Why Not Start Your Own Law Practice?

9 Feb 2021

Why Not Start Your Own Law Practice?
Thinking of going it alone?

‘There has Never Been a Better Time to Start Your Own Law Firm’

There have been few positives to come out of the Pandemic. Everybody has been affected in some way or other.

One possible positive is that, out of necessity, Lawyers have had to reconsider how they conduct their business.

Typically Lawyers have been slow adopters of new technology. Back office systems have gradually become more efficient but there had been no real change in the way business has been conducted. Until now.

It is true that prior to Covid online communication was becoming more popular but, at the end of March last year, there was no longer any choice; if you wanted to meet with your client it had to be online. Lawyers bemoaned the lack of personal contact. Nearly a year on the prevailing feeling seems to be that, Pandemic or not, online meetings are here to stay.

The other changing dynamic is that the lawyers in any particular firm no longer see each other each day. Working together using software such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype is becoming commonplace.


Helping To Build Your Law Firm Brand.

Starting a new business is an exciting time and with our experience you can benefit from having expert marketing partners by your side …


The need for big physical offices is receding.

The changing environment means that the barriers to starting up your own Legal Practise are lowering.

One of the problems many start ups faced was acquiring the technical and practical know how to run their own cash room. Now you can contract that function out to experienced third party legal accountants.

To keep costs down you could start with a tiny office or actually with no office at all. It’s very easy to register a city centre address using a virtual office and it looks like you have offices in the city. In reality you can use your website and digital marketing to get customers that you can service online via email and online meetings.

The biggest outlay, which hits almost immediately is staff costs. That said, until you had established yourself and the fees were rolling in, you could go it alone.  There are many lawyers who process their own work, take their own calls on their mobiles, and are basically self sufficient.

But what about new business and how will new clients know anything about you and your new firm? How will you attract new clients. How will you make any money?

These days a modern attractive website allied to a defined digital strategy can solve that for you. True, initially, there won’t be any recommendations or repeat business. Until you have a bit of history there will be no referrals.


Starting Out With Little.

You might be starting out with a few existing clients or from none, either way we can help grow your law firm with you …


On the other hand you can start an online Google Campaign right away. For the majority of new clients out there who have no allegiances and just want their piece of work done quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, your firm is as relevant as other firms on the net who have been in existence for 50 years. You are competing on a level playing field. Sure the established firms will have bigger budgets but also bigger costs and if you can find the right ‘Google Engineer’ you can tailor your campaign to be very specific focusing only on the areas you want to build.

You marketplace is as big as you want it to be with no geographical limitations.

If you get the campaign right, from the day you open, new clients will be getting in touch through Google Advertising and your website.

It is vital that when a client clicks through to your site they are impressed by what they see. A lot of  thought and care has to go into the design. The look and feel must fit your target market. You might want to consider your overall branding and what you want it to say about the type of law firm you are and your values. Brand image is so important including your name, logo and colours to put across your message to the world.

Now, more than ever, your website is like a window for your firm. Clients can look in and learn about the services the firm has to offer. It is essential that when they land they want to stay. Then, once they have looked around, they will get in touch.


So Important To Stand Out.

You need to ensure when a new client is looking for your services, why are they going to pick you?


Remember first impressions are important.  For your business to thrive the design of the web site has to be spot on and the message your site is trying to convey to the new client must be clear.

So with start up costs reduced and with a clear vision as to how to build the business there never has been a better time to start your own firm.

The simple steps we would recommend would include getting a professional website that looks the part and talks to the client about your professional services with clear calls to action. Getting a professional website is just the first step. New websites don’t just automatically appear on the front pages of Google. This is where your new customers will hang out and where the search traffic is.

There are three key elements that need to be right. For almost instant traffic we would build your firm a Google Ads campaign. Google Ads for law firms work off a pay per click system (PPC). This means every time your advert is displayed in Google and someone clicks it, you pay Google for the click. Clicks can range anywhere from 20p to £75 (in extreme circumstances). This means after having your website live we can direct traffic to it practically within a 24 hour period. The way the PPC system works is almost like an auction where you bid for your positions. But this is were things become complex! It’s not always a case of the highest bidder appears at the top of page one. Google takes in many factors such as quality score, ad relevance, landing page experience etc… that’s why it’s of great importance that you have the best Google engineers working on your project that understand the law sector.


Fast Online Marketing.

Do you need to get your new firm listed right away, to be found when clients search for your services online?


You may have heard of the term search engine optimisation for law firms or SEO for short? This is where your website sits organically in the Google rankings. If someone is looking for a divorce lawyer in Manchester, they would perhaps type ‘divorce lawyer manchester’ into Google. You are first shown the PPC adverts, followed by the Google local business listings then you will see the natural organic search rankings. Having your website placed high in the organic rankings is one of the best ways to pick up lots of business. We advise our clients to do both initially if the budget permits.

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