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Why Responsive Design Is Crucial To A Website’s Success

24 Oct 2019

Responsive design scales a site to any size screen a viewer is looking at.

What is Responsive Design? Responsive design scales a website to any size. Basically, our coders code several different layouts to a website which change depending on the size of the device you are viewing the site on – this means your customers can always have a great experience on your website!

Nowadays there are a multitude of different devices you can view websites on. The screens range from the smallest phone or tablet, through to the bigger tablets like iPads etc and then on to your larger desktop screens which can be HUGE compared to a mobile. The aim of responsive design is to combat all screen sizes and make sure that not one specific size has a detrimental effect on the users experience. With over 60% of searches beginning on a mobile device, having a website designed to work on a range of devices, especially on mobile, is crucial to the success of your website.


Most of our websites are now fully responsive and will show perfectly across all screen sizes. Our customers find this to be extremely useful as they never have complaints that a certain part of their website won’t work on a users phone or tablet!

We recommend having all websites made responsive – in this day and age people are always on the go and using their smartphones or tablets. Don’t miss out on business because you are stuck in the dark ages! Get your website made responsive today – Contact Us for all enquiries on Responsive Solicitor Website Design.

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