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Law Firm Website Design: Making Improvements

3 Apr 2019

Professional Law Firm Website Design isn’t about making something pretty. (Though we’ll admit that it doesn’t hurt if you do!)

It’s about creating a platform that brings in clients for your firm. That’s why today, we’re going to take a look at the most fundamental changes you can make to your website to ensure it actually makes you money.

Limit How Many Choices Users Can Make

There’s a reason that more and more online retailers are introducing a ‘1-click’ purchase option: it’s because the more choices users have to make, the more likely they are to have second thoughts.

The same goes for websites built to obtain professional clients. If you’re a solicitor, your aim is to get potential clients to get in touch with you, whether by phone, email or whatever your chosen method is.

Your website should be entirely focused on that: minimise how many clicks clients have to make to get in touch. For every extra click they have to make, you’ll suffer a drop-off.

Keep it as simple as possible when it comes to the design of your website.

Make Sure Your Website is Speedy

As well as being a Search Engine Optimisation ranking signal, site speed is also invaluable when it comes to converting traffic.

A slow website comes across to modern web users as unprofessional. It’s simply standard to have a site that loads fast. If you don’t, you’ll lose potential clients. Remember, you’re targeting busy people that put a real premium on their time. Because of this, not only does your website need to be top-notch, your site’s functionality is just as important!

A slow website creates a bad impression in a market where demonstrating professionalism is as essential as ever.

Don’t Be Afraid of White Space

Too many websites – and e-commerce sites, specifically – are guilty of filling every single inch of space with extra ‘stuff’.

When it comes to your website’s design, you want to avoid this. Think clean, simple and elegant. If in doubt, leave the area of the page blank.

Only give your potential clients what they need.

Yes, Colour Scheme Matters

Use the right colour combinations and you’ll improve your conversions.

There have been multiple studies done demonstrating how colours make us feel a certain way: red inspires passion, blue can cause feelings of tranquillity, and so on.

As the great Zig Ziglar said: “Sales is the transference of feeling”. Get your colour scheme right, and your site will constantly be working to get your potential customers in the mood to buy, without you having to lift a finger!

Your design should rely on calm, authoritative tones. Vibrant is not what you’re going for. Grey, beige, white and the occasional splash of blue or navy will work fine. These colours represent trust, strength and dependability. For certain fields of law, such as Family Law, then bright colours such as yellow are suitable, as this represents positivity, clarity and optimism – this is what a Family Law practice would aim to bring to their clients in times of hardship and unfortunate circumstances.

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