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Law Firm SEO Tips From A Professional Digital Marketing Agency

19 Dec 2019

Law Firm SEO: How To Perfectly Optimise A Page

Perhaps the most fundamental skill in the world of content marketing for law firms is ensuring your page gets picked up by the search engines. However, on-page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has changed substantially since the days of stuffing keywords! Meaning it’s now a bit harder to conduct Law Firm SEO than before, a good reason to seek this service from experts only.

Here, then, are the key basics to ensuring your page is optimised for the right keyword:



Ensure Your Title Tag Starts With Your Keyword

law firm search engine optimisation

Your aim should be to include your keyword as close as possible to the front of your title tag.

So, if you’re targeting the keyword ‘London legal assistance’ as part of your Law Firm SEO process, your tag should read something like:

‘London legal assistance: where to find a great firm.’

Or, ‘London legal assistance: what to look for’.

The key is to make it very clear to the search engines what your post is about.



Make Sure Your URL Is As Simple As Possible

solicitor website designers

This is one area where many people go wrong. They optimise everything else but leave URL generation to their CMS.

Needless to say, you shouldn’t make the same mistake: Google uses your URL as another key indicator as to your page’s topic.

Make your URL as simple as possible, and if it’s possible, have your keyword as the URL.

So, taking the London legal assistance example again, your URL would become:


This won’t be possible on some sites, particularly if you use the same keyword across multiple pages, but where possible, ensure you keep your URL as short and keyword-focused as possible.

This will help in the success of your Law Firm SEO efforts.



Include Images And Edit Their Alt-Text

include images and alt text

Bounce rate is a key search metric, and you need to try and prevent people landing on your page and just leaving.

Images have been proven to decrease bounce rate. However, you need to ensure you set your keyword as the image’s alt-text. Once again, this demonstrates to the search spiders exactly what your page is all about.

Whether your image is of one of your team members, your offices or is simply stock, ensure you edit the alt-text.



Include Your Keyword In The First 100 Words Of Your Post (First Paragraph)

include keywords in first paragraph

The earlier you confirm to the search engines that, yes, this post or page IS about what the title suggests, the better.

With that in mind, ensure you slip the keyword into the first paragraph of your main body copy while conducting Law Firm SEO. So, using our example again, you’ll want to begin with something like:

‘Finding London legal assistance can be tough. After all, there are a lot of firms in the city, and…’

And so on.



Get In Touch

get in touch for law firm SEO


This is the best tip of all! Don’t go to amateur Law Firm Website Designers or a mediocre Content Marketing Agency. Seek support and assistance from the professionals, just like your clients do with you!

These are all fairly basic tips, but they really make a difference. However, if you’re looking for a high-quality Digital Marketing Agency that specialises in law, pick up the phone and call us today.


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