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10 Jan 2019

What Are The Main Content Marketing Pitfalls?

Content marketing for law firms can be an incredibly effective way of obtaining traffic without having to pay for it. However, there are a number of pitfalls it’s easy to fall into.

Here, we’re going to go through some of the most common mistakes that occur when hiring an amateur content marketing agency. For the best results, contact an expert digital marketing agency like ourselves.

1) Not Planning


No wait, that’s not right.

Content marketing for law firms requires detailed planning. You need to work out in advance what you’re going to be producing, and why.

Doing research about your target audience will mean you can immediately start creating content that engages and gets results. You won’t have to go through the ‘experimentation’ phase.

If you don’t research and plan your campaign, you’ll waste both time and money.

2) Focusing On Quantity Of Content Marketing For Law Firms

There’s no way around it: in the old days of content marketing for law firms, spamming worked.

Yup, it really did. You churned out hundreds of 200-word articles full of keywords, and you got higher rankings.

These days, that won’t work. In fact, it’ll get you punished by the search engines.

Focus on good content that actually helps people, and you’ll get results. Remember, this is the legal market we’re discussing: it’s necessary to demonstrate real authority on your subject if your clients are investing thousands in your services.

Quality over quantity is the way to go.

3) Overly Focusing On Social Media

Now, don’t get us wrong. In some industries, social media can get brilliant results, especially if your focus is brand exposure.

BUT it’s not the be-all and end-all. In fact, in some markets (whispers) it’s probably not even worth your time.

Indeed, law firm marketing is one of those industries where a large number of clients might not fall into demographics known for using social media.

It’s worth looking at whether any of your competitors are already achieving success in social media: if they’re not, it could be worth steering clear of it.

4) Not Targeting Your Message

Try to appeal to everyone, and you won’t appeal to anyone.

You need to write to a specific niche and – where possible – write with a specific person in mind.

The idea of creating a buyer persona seems to be considered old-hat in some quarters, but actually, it remains a very effective way of helping your content creators work with an audience in mind.

If you go too general, you’ll be ignored by most people. Especially given that many people will be unable to afford a good law firm’s fees. By appealing to consumers unable to afford you, you’ll waste time and effort. Hone in on who your perfect customer is. This helps reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of content marketing for law firms like your own.

5) Writing About Everything

As with any marketing method, it pays to target a niche.

Don’t just focus on your market: focus on a specific area of legal expertise within your practice.

• Insurance Law
• Family Law
• Employment Law

And so on. Create content specifically focused on this niche, and you’ll start to be seen as a genuine specialist in that field. As a result, you’ll be more likely to attract clients within it and can charge higher rates.

The more specific and the more detailed your advice, the better.

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This is the only thing on the list that will successfully generate traffic to your site and profit in your pockets. Hiring a poor quality (cheap) digital marketing solution will result in your hard-earned money being wasted. That’s why we always recommend that if you’re looking for content marketing for their law firm to seek this service from the professionals, like us!

If you’d like help with your campaign from a top UK content marketing agency that specialises in working with legal professionals, pick up the phone and give us a call.

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