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9 Feb2021

Why Not Start Your Own Law Practice?

Why Not Start Your Own Law Practice? Thinking of going it alone? ‘There has Never Been a Better Time to Start Your Own Law Firm’ There have been few positives to come out of the Pandemic. Everybody has been affected in some way or other. One possible positive is that, out of necessity, Lawyers have… View Article

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11 Nov2020

Why Lawyers Must Harness The Power Of Digital Marketing

For some reason, the digital marketing revolution is yet to reach some parts of the legal sector. According to recent statistics, 40% of small law firms do not have a website and, of those that do, 35% have not updated their web content in the last three years. This is despite the fact that around… View Article

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19 Aug2020

Why A Lawyer Needs A Website

Many lawyers are a little complacent when it comes to nurturing their online presence. After all, if you’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a steady stream of clients and referrals over your career, it may seem a little pointless to spend time building and maintaining a website. However, as the digital revolution continues to develop… View Article

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5 Mar2020

Why Having The Right Brand Image Is So Important For Your Law Firm

A company’s brand image or identity can play a significant role in its overall success. Don’t be fooled into thinking that only fashion retailers and image-centric businesses need to think carefully about marketing their brand via sleek logos and compelling website design. In today’s digital landscape, law firms must also nurture a brand image that… View Article

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24 Oct2019

Why Responsive Design Is Crucial To A Website’s Success

Responsive design scales a site to any size screen a viewer is looking at. What is Responsive Design? Responsive design scales a website to any size. Basically, our coders code several different layouts to a website which change depending on the size of the device you are viewing the site on – this means your… View Article

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3 Apr2019

Law Firm Website Design: Making Improvements

Professional Law Firm Website Design isn’t about making something pretty. (Though we’ll admit that it doesn’t hurt if you do!) It’s about creating a platform that brings in clients for your firm. That’s why today, we’re going to take a look at the most fundamental changes you can make to your website to ensure it… View Article

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10 Jan2019

Content Marketing For Law Firms

What Are The Main Content Marketing Pitfalls? Content marketing for law firms can be an incredibly effective way of obtaining traffic without having to pay for it. However, there are a number of pitfalls it’s easy to fall into. Here, we’re going to go through some of the most common mistakes that occur when hiring… View Article

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21 Sep2018

Pains And Frustrations

We know exactly what pains and frustrations solicitors come across when trying to run a business and we know exactly how to combat them. 

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5 Aug2018

Brochures, Leaflets, Stationery

We not only supply excellent professional Solicitor/Lawyer websites, as graphic designers we can design and print all your other business needs including logos, brochures, leaflets, business cards, letterheads, comp slips, banners, vehicle and office signage, exhibition stands and pop up banner displays. When it comes to high-quality design and print office supplies, we can provide… View Article

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20 Mar2018

Solicitor Website Design

What’s So Important About LegalClicks’ Website Design? Are you a UK based solicitor? Where do you think that people first go today when they are in need of a law firm or when they are in need of some legal assistance? With the advent of the internet, how people look for legal services in the UK has… View Article

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27 Sep2017

The Solicitors Group – CPD Conference

The UK’s Largest Legal Events & Training Company are holding their Glasgow event on 27/09/2017 and 28/09/2017 at the Grand Central Hotel. Over the next two days we are attending The Solicitors Group’s conference event in Glasgow. We are delighted to attend and offer our specialist web and marketing services to all the law firms… View Article

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